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Roshi ImmuniCare Tea | Immunity Boosting Green Tea enriched with The Goodness of Turmeric, Amla and Blueberry | (25 Teabags)

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About Roshi: Roshi offers an exquisite range of green & herbal teas, handcrafted to deliver a perfect blend of taste & health. Brewed with a passion for ancient Indian wisdom, coupled with the finest teas from Darjeeling District since 1936, it distils the goodness of herbs and spices in exciting combinations to deliver a slew of benefits. Health Benefits: Roshi’s wonderful ImmuniCare Tea contains 100% natural ingredients. Get the best of both worlds with the luscious aroma of blueberry and the wholesome benefits of turmeric and amla. It helps build inner body strength and acts as a natural antidote. Box includes: 25 teabags per box. Expiry info: Best before 24 months from the date of manufacturing. Tasting notes: The amalgamation of turmeric, amla and blueberry is the combination you need for your palate to enjoy the perfect taste of this immunity booster. Usage instructions: Place a tea bag in a cup and pour hot water (100 degrees Celsius) and steep for 3-5 minutes. Add sweeteners if required and enjoy your hot cup of tea! Nutritional facts 25 Servings per box- 25 pieces/sachets/packets Serving size- one infusion bag (1.8 g) makes one cup (100ml) Amount per serving – Energy(kcal): 1.10, Carbohydrate(g): 0.1, Protein(g) : 0.15, Sugar(g): Traces, Fat(g): Nil Contains Low Caffeine

BUILD INNER BODY STRENGTH: Roshi’s Immunicare tea helps you achieve inner body strength with its herbal ingredients and is the perfect immunity booster.
A NATURAL ANTIDOTE: A relishable cup of Immunicare tea makes it a perfect antidote for your body since ingredients like turmeric, amla, ashwagandha are proven to be superfoods and good for your body. It provides support to your immune system.
A REJUVENATING DRINK: This immunity boosting tea has the anti-aging properties of forest fresh blueberries, naturally healing qualities of turmeric, immunity boosting and detox properties of amla and the soothing effect of ashwagandha.
A DELIGHT FOR YOUR TASTEBUDS: When carefully crafted ingredients are amalgamated in a single box of Roshi’s Immunicare tea, a blend of perfect flavour and stimulating taste is made. This flavoured tea also has a sweet, honey like aroma.
ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: This immunity booster tea with Indian Superfood turmeric may give you relief from respiratory troubles. Upon regular consumption, the ingredients Amla and Moringa give you healthy hair growth, glowing skin and also help you in your weight loss regime.
ORDER NOW: One of the best non bitter & antioxidant packed green tea brands available online – order now, add to your regular diet and drink up!
PACK CONTAINS: 25 Teabags/Pieces/Sachets. Each teabag contains a blend of 100% natural ayurvedic herbs, spices & green tea that make a perfect cup of chai.


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